College Offices

College office Phone number Staff member Email contact
College Registrar (3)35670 Janet Gibson
Dean's Secretary and Deanery Office Manager (3)35675 Deanery
Deanery Secretaries




Karen Knight





Head of Domestic Operations (3)35666 Giles Greenfield
Bursary and Administration (3)35661 Louise Allison

HR Manager (3)35662 Wendy Godfrey
College Accountant (3)35678 Sarah McCreary

Accounts Payroll

Student Fees

(3)35770 Chris Millward

Accounts Assistant - Purchase ledger (3)35679 Anna Dobrzynska-Jadhav
Accounts Assistant (3)35665 Anna Ralph

Development Office


Alumni Office




Sam Venn

Sophia Smith

Eleanor Collingwood

Accommodation Manager (3)35682 Sue Beckwith
Housekeeper (3)35686 Tracey Hardwicke
Porters' Lodge (3)35660

Derek Scott (Head Porter)

Michael Ball (Overnight Porter)

Wayne Davies (Porter)

Robert Draycott (Porter)

David Almond (Porter)

Joseph Chacko (Porter)

Bruce Margetts (Porter)

Stuart Cox (Porter)
Catering Manager (3)35680 ?Ivan Higney

Catering and Events Assistant (3)35680 ?Samantha Cope
Head Chef (7)68872 ?Matt Turpie
Butler (7)68872 ?Giancarlo Salmeri
Kitchen Phone (3)35681 ? ?
Clerk of Works (3)35688 ?Philip Waterson
Maintenance, Gardening & Security (3)35688

?Rob Thompson

?Charles White

?David Smith

John Reape

Librarian (7)63547 Jake Zipfel
IT Manager (3)35778 Espen Koht
IT Support Assistant (3)36170 Andrzej?Bugajski
Laptop Clinic (3)36170 Andrzej Bugajski
Webmasters ? ?


All numbers are in the UK 01223 area code and prefixed with +441223 for international callers.

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